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An open letter to my Right Brain
Tuesday 10 March 2015

Dear Creativity, What’s happened to us? We used to be so close. Whatever I was doing, you were there with me. You kept me smiling. No mat... Read More

Entrepreneurs: Holidays got you down? Or is it the over-unders?
Tuesday 13 January 2015

Entrepreneurship is booming all over the earth. You know at least a handful of self-starters personally, right? Maybe you are one. But if you or ot... Read More

Consumer beware! Medical fees can double at hospital-owned practices
Thursday 6 November 2014

This may sound like an odd question, but do you know who owns your doctor’s medical practice? Not all medical practices are independently owned by ... Read More

Corporate inversions can mean capital gains
Monday 29 September 2014

It’s now impossible to escape the financial media’s coverage of corporate inversions. The subject has everybody arguing corporate tax loopholes vs.... Read More

Viva La Musica
Monday 15 July 2013

In a little under three weeks I was about to enter my first day of “all-day-long” school...the 1st grade. I was totally unaware of the fact that ap... Read More

Getting the most from your independent contractor: Confessions of a freelance creative
Saturday 1 June 2013

The shift away from in-house creative talent is changing the game for some very talented people and the companies that made them redundant. The fac... Read More

Ditch the Crutches
Friday 10 May 2013

Like so many of us I made a New Year’s resolution...to quit caffeine.  Getting support from my spouse, and also my wellness guru, Dr. Thomas M... Read More

Could you be the spark that ignites a Non-Profit?
Tuesday 16 April 2013

A conversation can change lives in an instant. You’re talking with a few people when a light bulb goes on. You go back to your office and make a ph... Read More

Monday 15 April 2013

Jessie Sampter, an influential educator who was born in 1883 in New York City, and who contracted polio at the age of 13, once said, “Simplicity is... Read More

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